MATH 102

Advisory: Eligibility for READ 099.
Prerequisite: Eligibility for MATH 102 (AVC assessment) or Completion of MATH 070. This course is for the student who has been very successful completing Elementary Algebra and who is comfortable taking math classes, since it accelerates MATH 102A and MATH 102B into one semester. Topics include: Radical Expressions and Equations, Quadratic Equations and their graphs,Circles, Introduction to Functions, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, and word problems appropriate to all these topics. (AVC)

Course Corequisites: NONE

Section Information as of 30-SEP-2022 06:09:19 PM
  • Title: MATH 102 - Intermediate Algebra
  • CRN: 33302
  • Grade Mode: Letter grade (default) OR Pass/No Pass
    (See catalog for more information on Pass/No Pass option)
  • Instructor: Gorden, Larry

NOTE: CRN 33302 is a hybrid course and will be taught primarily online with the first class meeting on Thursday, 2/12/15. For important information about participating in this course, visit the AVC Distance Education page. Instruction will be enhanced by the use of an interactive computer program. The textbook is different from that used by the other sections of the course. DO NOT purchase book until after the first class meeting. DO NOT purchase book online.

Meeting Time
      R       07:15pm - 09:15pm APL 115 02/09/15 06/05/15
Seating Availability
Waitlist Availability
Capacity Taken Available Capacity Taken Available
45 41 4 15 0 15
Critical Dates for this Course
Term: Spring 2015
Last day to add class: 22-FEB-2015
Last day to drop with a refund: 22-FEB-2015
Last day to drop without a "W": 22-FEB-2015
Last day to drop with a "W": 08-MAY-2015
As of the first day of class, students must obtain instructor approval. Students with approval may enroll in the class until the last day to add the class (see dates above).

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